NurCity Community History

A History lesson of how Nur City came to be.

So if you have been following Muslim Manga from time to time, you may have come across the words “Nur.City”. So what is this Nur City exactly?

In short, Nur City is the name of Muslim Manga’s community. It seemed vital to have a platform where our fans and community members could interact with one another, allowing us to grow together, personally, and creatively. Nur.City is the evolution of that community vision that has come about through the years.

Some History

The Starting

Around the summer of 2015, Muslim Manga started productivity-focused community for volunteers on a platform called slack. To help with team-building, as well as giving creative boosts to our helpers, we also had a “random” channel, where people can chat about non productive things, or really anything they wanted to chat about. This area was especially active, and I then realized that there was a void in terms of an outlet for our larger community, who may not be interested so much to volunteer. It was clear to me that in the day and age of so many messaging and social networking apps, the mobile experience was vital. As a college student who was not so familiar with programming, I had to find a way to create or emulate an messaging app experience for the Muslim Manga audience.

Forum-Site Age

Soon afterwards, I came across what was at that time a new forum software called Flarum. If you are not familiar with what a forum is, it is a type of site that caters to discussion based communities. Muslim Manga has also had forum sections in the past, but, in general, forums tend to have a dated look and had not been that friendly for mobile users. Flarum looked and felt to a certain extent like an app, but it ran on a browser. I quickly claimed the website and installed the magical forum software and started promoting the site as Muslim Manga’s community.

When I was designing this community, I had a game in mind. I wanted to gamify our community . The first step on that idea was to create a citizen application process. New members had to apply for citizenship to join our city. I then created different city elements as categories for discussion. There was a help center that was called “hospital”, and a “bank” that had discussions for resources our citizens could use.

Eventually as the community grew, it became a little more challenging to manage the forum website that I had made. There was more than I wanted to do through the community and the limited resources on the website platform were becoming indeed very limiting to what our community potential was.


So in our latest step for our community, which was formed about 1 and half years prior to the writing of this post, we switched to use a platform called Discord. This platform has allowed us to connect better with and really engage with younger generations. We have special Muslim Manga emojis that our members use, and we have a lot of community challenges and events that the members are both involved in the management and participation of those.

Nur.City Council

Kiko Child

(City Mayor)


(Council Member)


(Council Member)