Find out more about the different places found within Nur City!

Nur City Media (NCM)

The NCM building holds many special areas such as the Radio Genki studio, and the Nur Times Office. Look below for more information!

#Nur Times – A place where Nurizens can find updates about Muslim Manga and other related content.

#Submit – Nurizens can submit their art for challenges and contests here. This art will then be featured on Nur City social media channels!

#Memes Central – The central place for Nurizens to post Muslim Manga specific memes that they themselves have made.

City Hall

#Rules The rules are posted here in the City Hall. All Nurizens must abide by the City rules to help create a comfy, welcoming environment for all who in live Nur City.

#Map – You can find a map in the City Hall that will give you a short description for each channel. With this, new Nurizens can learn to navigate the City a little easier.

#Intro Garden – Meet new Nurizens here! All who join Nur City must pass through this lovely garden first. Here, new Nurizens can introduce themselves and be greeted by all the current Nurizens.

#Plaza – This is where most of the action happens in Nur City! This open, spacious plaza is where Nurizens gather and chat about anything and everything as long as they follow the rules of the City.

#Konbini Imeji – A convenient place to grab some images from other Nurizens. Find all kinds of images here supplied by the various Nurizens.