This is Muslim Manga’s exclusive community

Make Friends

Apply for citizenship in order to: Make new friends, Participate in community activities, create wonderful drawings, learn how to draw from your neighbors, learn Japanese, play games, and much much more!

Join Special Events

You can share your submissions for public events among your fellow Nurizens, and you can also join in exclusive Nur.City activities and challenges.


Get updates on Muslim Manga and related activities via the Nur Times Channel, and get updates for the Keep it Genki Podcast in the Radio Genki channel!


Learn about the place inside Nur.City

City Hall

Go here to take care of business

Poji Tower

A special place for special people

Majime Tower

Galleries, public events, etc.



The NCM building holds many special areas such as the Radio Genki studio, and Nur Times office

Nur University

Learn, Teach, share, have fun!


And More


Let’s look at some rules for Nur City.


  • Rule 1

    Be United

    Our organization is open to people who are not Muslim, as well as those who are Muslim, regardless of their sect. As this is a unity-based organization, negativity and hatred towards Muslims (Sunni, Shia, etc. ) and non Muslims will not be tolerated.

  • Rule 2

    Be Flexible

    Not everyone has come to the same conclusions you have about life, religion, etc. Don’t demand others to follow your way. You can follow your way. Others can follow their own way. Basically don’t be a haram police.

  • Rule 3

    Be Nice

    No profanity (language, images, etc.) Be nice to one another. This is a community where we want to grow together as artists and as spiritual beings. Links are generally forbidden except where otherwise allowed.

  • Rule 4

    Posting Images

    • 1. Don’t post or draw or share images that are sexual or have sexual elements to them such revealing clothes or nudity or any type of visual profanity.
    • 2. Don’t spam
    • 3. Don’t post unrelated images. If you are unsure of what is allowed in what channel, you can look up the channel description or ask someone in that channel.
  • Do unto others as you would have them do unto you



What are you waiting for? APPLY FOR CITIZENSHIP






Council Member


Council Member

Join Nur.City and you can make international and multicultural friends, and together we can build and awesome community.